La cour avant du manoir du guern après les travaux

Renaissance of the Manoir du Guern or how to transform the ruins of a former presbytery into a charming bed and breakfast

Manoir du Guern, an architectural jewel steeped in history, located a few kilometres from Auray in Morbihan, has been restored to its former splendour thanks to some exceptional restoration work. Let’s delve into the heart of this adventure, where the past meets the present in a harmonious renovation.

The restoration began with an exploration of the Manor’s roots, dating back several centuries. Built in the 16th century, the building has stood the test of time, but time has left its mark. The captivating historical details, inscribed in every stone, have been preserved throughout the restoration process.

Before embarking on this adventure, a team of experts carried out a meticulous diagnosis to assess the condition of each architectural element. This crucial preliminary work laid the foundations for a carefully devised restoration plan, guaranteeing the preservation of the authenticity of the Manoir du Guern, now a guest house and gîtes.

The first phase of the work saw the team focus on structural restoration. Specialist local craftsmen worked with passion to bring the foundations, old beams and structural elements back to life, while complying with heritage preservation standards.

The restoration of the Manoir du Guern was not simply a matter of building, but a tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Local craftsmen were hired to reproduce with precision the sculptural details and decorative elements, thus preserving the soul of the Manoir du Guern.

While the emphasis has been on preserving the original character, discreet modern touches have been incorporated to make Manoir du Guern functional and comfortable by contemporary standards and to enable our guests to enjoy a truly relaxing stay. This includes efficient heating systems and discreet fixtures and fittings to meet modern needs without compromising the historic aesthetic.

Below are a few before and after images to give you a more concrete idea of the restoration work we have undertaken to enable you to stay in this wonderful place that is the Manoir du Guern.