des abeilles au manoir du guern

Bees at Manoir du Guern: a step towards an environmentally-friendly lifestyle

In a resolutely ecological approach, the Manoir du Guern, a few kilometres from Auray in Morbihan, is embarking on an exciting adventure by welcoming beehives to its grounds. This initiative reflects the manor’s commitment to finding a balance between its history and practices that respect nature.

The installation of beehives at Manoir du Guern is in line with our desire to encourage biodiversity and care for the environment. The beehives, carefully positioned in an ideal setting for their well-being, symbolise the manor’s desire to manage its land responsibly.

To turn this idea into a reality, Manoir du Guern is working with a local beekeeper, Claire, who is passionate about her job and the preservation of bees, and who looks after the bee colonies at Kerplouz, the agricultural college in Auray.

The hives have been installed in specially designated areas of the Manoir du Guern estate, helping to pollinate the surrounding gardens and crops.

There are many benefits to this approach. As well as supporting bees, which are essential for pollination, the Manoir du Guern hopes to harvest quality honey. As a result, our guests will be able to enjoy a local, authentic product at breakfast, straight from the estate’s beehives.

*We believe in a holistic approach to the management of our estate, integrating nature into our daily lives. We believe in a holistic approach to managing our estate, integrating nature into our daily lives. Hosting these beehives is a practical way of doing our bit for the environment, while at the same time promoting agriculture that respects biodiversity.

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