La piscine couverte du Manoir du guern

A plunge into comfort: the indoor swimming pool at Manoir du Guern

In Morbihan, just a few minutes from Auray, within the walls of the Manoir du Guern in Pluvigner, the indoor swimming pool stands out as an oasis of relaxation accessible to all guests. It’s a space designed to offer a refuge, whatever the weather outside, where everyone can enjoy the benefits of water.


The indoor pool has been designed to blend discreetly into the existing architecture of the Manoir. Bay windows welcome natural light while preserving an unobstructed view of the Manor’s courtyard, creating an aquatic space that respects the aesthetics of the site.


Equipped with an efficient heating system, the indoor swimming pool allows guests to enjoy the pleasures of swimming in all seasons. It’s a real invitation to relax, whatever the calendar or the vagaries of the Breton climate.


The inside of the pool is designed to offer a simple, comfortable experience. There’s a sauna and a bathroom for changing.


This indoor swimming pool is an asset for all Manoir du Guern guests. Whether you’re a family, a couple or on a business trip, this aquatic area becomes a place of relaxation accessible to all, adding an extra dimension to your stay.


The Manoir du Guern indoor pool is a simple and accessible aquatic experience. An invitation to relax that fits in perfectly with the Manoir’s friendly atmosphere. Book your stay and discover the aquatic pleasures at Manoir du Guern.


Take a look at these images to discover the different stages in its construction.